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Over the next few months, LEG Thüringen, in co-operation with the State of Thuringia, City of Erfurt, Deutsche Bahn AG and other partners, will be laying the foundations to begin development and restoration work over an area spanning 30 hectares. This involves extensive planning and co-ordinating many successive steps. It is a good time for all interested parties, investors and developers to get involved in the project early and contribute their own ideas.

Development will entail several stages. The first phase relates to the areas adjacent to the main train station. The urban development framework plan currently has these earmarked for a services and communications centre and a conference hotel. The construction of two high-rise buildings to the east and west of Stauffenbergalle, with a bridge, known as the Promenadendeck, spanning the canal in between, is of crucial importance to the overall development. 

Download: Framework plan (PDF-File, 17 MB)

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